For over 2 decades, VOIP SYSTEMS DIRECT has been backing London businesses. We have remained Londonís premier choice for top class and reliable network services. We offer smooth IT support and monitoring services, allowing you to carry out efficient business transactions every day and increase your productivity. Our services will allow you to have a centralised data backup system with your data being more secure, all at an affordable price. Let us delve more into what our package has to offer:

Customers First

At VOIP SYSTEMS DIRECT, we believe that our clients come first. Our marketing strategy does not involve any upselling. Upgrades are only made upon request. We offer an array of options that you can tap into when needed, which is better than acquiring software with a gazillion options, which you fail to fully utilise since you are not aware of their existence.

Why Choose Us?

  • Continuous monitoring of your systems and internet connections as well as a weekly check on their functioning
  • Configuration of networks that allows maximal backing for your business
  • Help desk support backed by sophisticated software to ensure that all your questions are fully answered
  • On-site and remote support offered by UK educated computing engineers
  • A smooth computer environment for both small and large businesses
  • Over 2 decades experience
  • Seamless support for all your business endeavours

Variety of Services

VOIP SYSTEMS DIRECT provides a variety of services ranging from IT consultancy, general IT services, and network support in London. We have offered wide-ranging IT support for many business owners in the city for over 20 years, and have an unmatched reputation for delivery and dependability. We provide services for both small and large businesses ranging from financial institutions, leisure organisations, professional services businesses, recruitment companies, as well as retail chains.

Our package involves:

  • Round the clock remote monitoring
  • Elimination of email cyber attacks
  • A dial-in help desk dedicated to our business
  • Secure cloud storage of your data, providing a secure virtual platform
  • A 99% target uptime on your equipment

Efficient network configuration

Our network configuration ensures that both your technology and workforce are connected. This ensures maximal productivity. We will design a network that will meet your businessí needs. During configuration, there will be minimal disruption to your work. We will also provide maintenance services.

Business efficiency and effectiveness

Our mission is to help London businesses carry out safe and efficient transactions, via our smooth computer systems as well as integrated data, improving overall effectiveness, which will help achieve the set business goals. We take full responsibility for IT support services in your company, managing all crucial functions, leaving you to concentrate on core business. We keep track of your systemís functioning and fix any issues that may arise, immediately. We have left behind a trail of happy customers who can attest to our reliability. Read our reviews and see what some of them have to say.

A Local Option

VOIP SYSTEMS DIRECT understands that doing business in London is very different from doing it anywhere else. In London, quality is a great emphasis. This great company allows you to go for a local company that will understand all your business needs. You need not risk working with an IT company from any other part of the world. We have the capacity to deliver even beyond your expectations. We offer seamless support for your network at very affordable prices. We allow you to pay for what you use when you need it.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Personnel

Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced, and they enjoy working with such a reputable company. All our on-site and remote support will be offered by UK educated computing engineers all with different technical specialisations.


October 2022